Mark was born and raised in the upper Midwest. He picked up his first guitar at the age 9 knowing in the back of his mind that he would never again feel the same without a guitar in his hands. He learned how to play very quickly, picking up rock n roll riffs from radio. At the age of 14, Mark started showing his true talent on stage as the lead guitar player in his first band “The What Not”, pushing his band to rock n roll popularity among the local High schools. After the high school days, Mark played guitar professionally around the Twin Cities with well known acts such as Wheelock Parkway, Max, Back Away Closer and others. After many years of playing the Midwest club circuit, Mark decided it was time to enjoy his 2nd passion- skiing the deep white champagne powder of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Mark packed his 7 guitars, 2 pairs of skis and a suitcase into his 1972 VW bus and headed to Colorado with his cat“Clapton”.
Enjoying the ski life style and playing around the Denver clubs, it was finally Marks time to lay his guitar down and raise a family. Just like the old saying “you can’t keep a good man down”, you can’t keep a great guitarist away way from rock n roll long ether. Marks beautiful wife Ranae and children persuaded him to pick up his guitars and start rockin and rolling again (I am sure Ranae had to push real hard). With Mark’s 40 years of experience and mesmerizing stage presence he is a true professional and an honor to rock with on stage.